Sumter National Forest

The Sumter National Forest is approximately 362,000 acres in the mountains and piedmont of South Carolina.  The Andrews Pickens district of the Sumter is in the mountains of the Southern Appalachians and home to the Chattooga Wild and Scenic River, as well as Ellicott Rock Wilderness.  The Chattooga begins in the mountains of North Carolina and travels 50 miles to Lake Tugaloo between South Carolina and Georgia.  The river is one of the few remaining free-flowing streams in the Southeast.  Ellicott Rock Wilderness, which straddles the river’s corridor, covers 9,012 acres and spreads across the corners of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.

For more information visit South Carolina Forest Watch, the Chattooga Conservancy or the Sumter National Forest.


This map illustrates SAFC vision for protection vs. the current level of protection, as well as the size of state and federal land vs. the size of urban areas. ENLARGED LEGEND