Restoration Principles

SAFC, along with 120 national and local organizations unveiled in 2003 the Citizen’s Call for Ecological Restoration: Forest Restoration Principles and Criteria. This is a common sense, scientifically-based framework for restoring our nation’s forests that stands in stark contrast to the so-called “Healthy Forest Initiative”.  This proposal also appeared as a peer-reviewed article in the March 2003 issue of the Ecological Restoration Journal.

mountain-viewThe Restoration Principles are important to us in the East because many of our forests are damaged by bad management and associated problems like the pine beetle infestation. Some of our forests need restoration and the Restoration Principles are a good approach because they look at the true ecology while stressing the importance of economic viability and community sustainability.
Unfortunately, many current restoration projects are cloaked in restoration terminology but actually do more harm than good. Unlike proposals such as, the “Healthy Forest Restoration Act of 2003″, the Restoration Principles make a clear distinction between fuels treatments needed to protect homes and fuels treatments as a step towards restoring ecological integrity. Fuels treatments alone do not address the wide range of ecological issues included in a comprehensive restoration plan and may result in degraded soils, native vegetation and wildlife habitat.
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