The Great Forest Campaign

Using SAFC’s Return the Great Forest: A Conservation Vision for the Southern Appalachian Region as a blueprint, we initiated the Great Forest Campaign in 2002 as the vehicle to fulfill the Coalition’s long-term goal of a protected network linked across the region’s landscape that would serve as ecologically complete native forests — large enough to provide future generations with clean drinking water, recreation, wildlife habitat, and filter pollution from our air. At the core of the vision is the protection of our National Forests, namely their roadless areas, watersheds, old growth forests, and unprotected cultural areas. At its periphery are significant tracts of high-priority private lands that could be added to the public trust.

MusicianAZ116_BWTogether our Coalition has created this regional conservation vision and campaign to lead us in the direction of health for our forests, our lands, and our people. In order to achieve our goal, the SAFC regional support center provides GIS mapping, scientific analysis, financial support, and campaign assistance to our members and dozens of conservation initiatives throughout the region.

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Return the Great Forest – A Conservation Vision

Endorsed by almost 200 diverse stakeholders – Jimmy Carter, Mike Dombeck, Terry Tempest Williams, Republicans for Environmental Protection, Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, and Business for Wilderness – the Conservation Vision seeks to establish an interconnected network of wildlands, over 2.8 million acres of some of the most ancient temperate forests in the world.

Permanent protection within our public lands is needed to establish wildlife corridors for migration and habitat; to meet the increasing demands for backcountry recreation; ensure clean drinking water; and to provide a sustainable economic future for the region. The Great Forest Campaign works to do this.

Please learn more about this vision by downloading the Return the Great Forest: A Conservation Vision for the Southern Appalachian Region.