About SAFC

The Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition (SAFC) is a non-profit organization formed in 1994 when conservation groups determined a regional voice was needed to address the increasing threats facing Southern Appalachian public lands. The objectives for the Coalition were to create a unified and compelling regional conservation vision for the 21st Century; to achieve greater representation in Washington DC ; and to strengthen grassroots groups with the tools and leadership needed to protect the forests at the local level – with organizational development, science, mapping, and regional coordination.

falls_from_smokiesSAFC is now comprised of 22 of the bestconservation groups spanning the six states of Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

SAFC calls out not only to the conservationist and the activist, but also to every citizen to engage in the discussions and take the action that can lead us in the direction of health for our forests, our lands, and our people.

Through SAFC’s Conservation Vision, and with our growing list of members and partners, we work to:

•  Improve management of the 4.6 million acres of public land in the region – especially roadless areas, old growth forests, and key habitats;

•  Add acres to our protected landscape through public and voluntary private actions;

•  Strengthen grassroots organizations and citizen leadership in the region.

The Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition advocates a new way of understanding the region that employs both regional and landscape analysis and planning. If we are to achieve the ambitious goal of protecting and restoring the essential natural qualities of the Southern Appalachians, a regional perspective is fundamental.

SAFC plays a crucial role in providing this perspective. By uniting local, state, regional and national conservation organizations from Alabama to Virginia and equipping them with the science, fundraising, and organizing tools they need to attract, inspire, educate and mobilize stakeholders – we provide a stronger and louder stakeholder voice on behalf of our mountains and communities.

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